Air-Tech – Reusable Vacuum Cup – Ultra

Air-Tech – Reusable Vacuum Cup – Ultra

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1.2 times larger than its Standard maat brothers and now compatitle with the Vacuum Controller, the ULTRA maat is perfect for larger men in search for a hygienic, low-cost reusable pleasure item! The Air-Tech
– Reusable Vacuum Cup
– Ultra has more pronounced nubs and ridges for a dynamic and bounding sensation during use! Tenga designed a hygienic, reusable, CUP style masturbator! Crafted from Tenga’s unique Air-Cushion Technology, this product uses no internal foam making it hygienic for reuse! Thats not all, the brand new airflow structure allows an intense suction sensation and is even stronger than the original Cup Series! With the Air-Tech, you get breathtaking sensations, over and over again, because of the vacuum strength thats boosted by the new air tech structure! The Air-Tech Series also has printing on the internal CUP so the item can be reused, discreetly, even after the shrink wrapping has been removed. It’s easy to clean, simply remove the sleeve and you can clean it! Lubricant Included. Be Aware! The Vacuum Controller is not included!
– Glijmiddel vriendelijk
– Waterproof
– Weekmaker vrij
– Kleur :
– Gewicht incl verpakking : 374gr
– Afmeting verpakking : 23,1 cm x 8,2 cm x 8,2 cm
– Fabrrikant : Tenga
– Serie :
– Artikelcode Fabrikant : ATV-001G
– EAN : 4560220554920

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